Fanverse is Social NFT Platform for Contents Creators and Fandom Communities
All kinds of NFTs, Digital Arts, Fan/Social Tokens, Games, Donation Charities, Metaverse, can all be freely shared in Fanverse Platform
Fanverse welcomes all types of creators and artists enabling them to share the artworks and digital contents exclusively to the fan users
Using Fanverse, fan communities can purchase, trade, invest, and share various contents created by the artists or the creators and become a unique member of the fan community
Fanverse is building a new entertainment platform through the combination of Contents, Blockchain, and Metaverse, creating a new world of IT-driven Entertainment
Fanverse Technology
Creating a Digital and Metaverse Entertainment World

Majority of currently available NFT platforms are only at the level of closed NFT marketplace that only serves limited feature of trading of NFT assets, not even going to the level of supporting digital arts, music, or video contents.
Fanverse platform, however, further emphasizes the social community features going even beyond the marketplace, envisioning a truly user-oriented social NFT platform.
Fanverse not only provides features related to minting and trading of NFT assets but also many other features that are specifically targeted to serve contents creators and fandom communities, enabling them to freely mint their social/fan tokens to various innovative modules that incentivizes fan-based activities within the platform.
Further, Fanverse envisions to incorporate the fans and artists, and as well as its various NFT assets into a Metaverse zone where users and fans can further enjoy the entertainment contents to the full.
Fanverse Platform
The Next Level of Entertainment
NFT Drops
Fanverse introduces the hottest, hippest, coolest artists and creators to our users through scheduled limited NFT Drops
NFT & Tickets
Fanverse NFTs are not only in Digital Ownership but are linked with physical concert or festival tickets or random mystery box events that provides unique and limited goods items to the fan users
Fanverse provides unique opportunity to the fan users to participate as an investor to the idols and artists that they like for their desired project and concert, being a part of limited fan membership program
Fanverse Entertainment

Fanverse is IT-driven Entertainment Platform, backed by both IT Technologies and Entertainment Team
With Fanverse Entertainment, a new launch of tech-driven festivals, concerts, and various Entertainment projects will be launched and shared within the Fanverse Ecosystem
Fanverse welcomes all kinds of creators and artists to join in this innovative step towards Entertainment

Leadership team

Behind Fanverse

Fanverse Leadership

Mark Hwang
Founder & CEO
Marcus Ough
Chief Contents Director
Tae-Min Kim
Fanverse Korea
Wang Ryang
Fanverse Asia
Tracy Le
Fanverse Vietnam
Meraj Syed
Fanverse Europe